What to do in situations of change

A company’s life cycle inevitably contains both ups and downs. Business Espoo supports companies as a driver of change and in the face of crises. You may turn to us when you are planning to hire or lay off employees or preparing to expand into a new sector, cease your operations, sell the company or transfer it to the next generation.

Business Espoo services for companies in situations of transition and transformation:

  • Business clinics – Personal help for marketing, changes of ownership, internationalisation, commercialisation of innovations, growth, legal issues and public procurement.
  • MuutosKoulutus (‘change training,’ website in Finnish) – When work runs out and the company has to lay off employees for financial or production-related reasons.
  • Yrittäjän ABC (‘the ABC of Entrepreneurship,’ website in Finnish) is a collection of useful information and advice, published by Suomen Yrittäjät, an interest and service organisation for SMEs. It also contains a section on the change of ownership.
  • Business advisors