Learn Swedish at Esbo Arbis

Esbo Arbis is cancelling all teaching from the 16th of March onward until further notice. The aim of the measure is to contribute to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. The cancelled lectures will be held, if it is possible later in the spring. See contact information.

We offer Swedish courses on different levels in Matinkylä and Leppävaara in Espoo. You can sign up at www.ilmonet.fi.

Please notice that the enrollment is binding, you need to cancel your enrollment one week before a course starts. We have a 50% unemployment discount. Please note that you need to present a certificate of unemployment from the TE office before the course starts.

Spring 2020


Swedish for Beginners (A1) New Course!

Swedish for Beginners (A1 Continued) Leppävaara
Swedish for Beginners (A1 Continued) Matinkylä

Intensive Swedish for Beginners