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Storängens skola operates on two addresses. The schoolhouse at Rektorsgränden, grades 1-6, was completed in March 2012. The daycare centre, the preschool, grades 1-6, as well as the afternoon activities, all share the same building. Also grades 7-9 have classrooms there. After the 6th grade, pupils continue in the higher classes, grades 7-9, at Esboviksvägen. The school building there was completed in 1994. In Storängen we use the names Rektorsgränden and Esboviksvägen when talking about the two houses.

Storängens skola has about 690 students. Grades 1-6 consist of approximately 380 students divided into 19 classes, and grades 7-9, about 310 students, divided into 17 classes. Nearly 80 employees work in Storängens skola.

Storängens school wants to provide all students with good basic skills and stimulate interest in learning. Our students should not only succeed in school today. We also want to provide them with the skills they need to meet the requirements and changes the future will bring about. We want the students to develop interpersonal skills, independent thinking, creativity and ability to express themselves. Our work is based on a positive attitude towards every individual. We work for continuity, from preschool and beginners’ instruction to 9th grade. Enabling students to develop a healthy self-confidence and harmonious personality requires support both by the school and the home.

Students have the right to a safe environment where they can develop into social and empathic individuals. We emphasize the Swedish language and the Finnish-Swedish culture in school.

The solid, versatile expertise of the staff, involved students and good cooperation with all the guardians are the foundations for the development of Storängens skola. Communication skills have never been as sought after in our world as they are now, and the adults who surround the children are all models of how good communication and good cooperation works.